I am a Mum of 3, who was fed up with spending so much time in the car. It wasn't a need to get rid of my children, but a feeling that it could all be a bit easier! I knew I was passing friends and neighbours travelling similar routes, and with so much pollution and congestion, I looked at finding a solution. 

In an age of smart phones and google maps an app seemed the obvious answer. As we are already overloaded with so much information, LiftAngel's objective is simple - to give parents one place to share their travel information with people they know. It is a safe way for parents to reduce reliance on their cars, it saves time and money, and it can have a huge impact on congestion and pollution in our communities.

LiftAngel is about parents helping each other out; there are no professional drivers on the platform, it is a free service driven by an ethos of community building, rather than profiting from journeys.

My hope is to create a “cultural norm” of Liftshare, (why use 3 cars when 1 could do the job?), and start seeing a reduction in cars on the road. 

Please get in touch with feedback, its still early days for us at LiftAngel and it only helps to refine our vision.

Go LiftAngels! Live more, drive less