How it works

LiftAngel allows users to invite friends or neighbours to share Lifts. With so many of us driving the same routes with spare seats in our cars, (often passing people we know on the way), why not offer a Lift in return for a day off tomorrow? Lifts can be used for the school run, after-school clubs, weekend birthday parties and leisure activities.


Find a Lift

You can request a Lift with your friends.

Input where you're going to and from, the date & time, how many seats you need, and send to your friends.

Once your request is accepted your lift is live.



Create a Lift

Share your regular or one off journeys with friends and neighbours.

Simply enter where and when you are travelling, how many spare seats you have, and invite others to join your Lift.


Lift Details

You can view all your Lifts within the calendar .

 Click through for complete lift detail - map, pick-up points, messages, updates, and seats.

LiftAngel will remember your regular routes and LiftAngel buddies for future journeys. 


Messages and Updates

Message your LiftAngel buddies at any point for requests or last minute changes.

The home screen will show your next up-coming Lift.

LiftAngel will reminder you 30 minutes before your next Lift.


LiftAngel only allows you to connect with people you know,
through known phone contacts and facebook, keeping our community safe.

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What this does for you…

LiftAngel frees up time and money by building a network of trusted drivers for children at zero cost. It is secure by design, and is driven by an ethos of community building. 


As seen in…..


what people say about us

LiftAngel has saved my sanity these last few months. I was driving too and from West Hampstead twice a day and since signing up I have reduced that by half! I look forward to using it for my children’s parties and sons’s gymnastics class.
— Selina, Hampstead
Brilliant app for busy parents to consolidate lifts, saving time and the environment.
— Sheena, North London
LiftAngel is a fantastic idea, it has really helped me organise an otherwise hectic school run and connected me with like-minded neighbours, making my kids some friends on the journey!
— Vicki, Hampstead

Come on board! Help reduce congestion and pollution around our neighbourhood and schools.